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June 29th

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Okay, I'm giving this cat back!

Well, if you remember from the post "First there was Charmed", you remember Patty's little clause in her email which read:

...Let me know if you would like this kitty and I will see about getting it to you. If it doesn't work out, I'll take her back.

Let's just say, that the moment I let Charmed out of her box, she bolted away from me. I made the mistake of chasing after her. After all, I adopted her for company, and well a hiding cat wasn't what I had in mind. She ran to the extra bedroom, I followed. She ran into the hallway. Again, I followed. Finally, Charmed outsmarted me and hid under the refrigerator.

The first thought that ran through my head was that my poor kitten was going to be electrocuted. Yes, the kitten, in the apartment that didn't allow pets, was going to perish under a 400 lb icebox had me needless to say a little freaked out. I called my cousin, a proud cat owner of 10 years and proceeded to tell her my dilemma.

Sharon! I can't get this cat out!!!!!!

Call the fire department then.

What? The fire department? She's not in a tree, she's in my apartment.

Well, do you want her to get electrocuted? NO!

Of course not, but seriously, I'm not calling the fire department.

Well she's obviously afraid of you. Just leave her be.

With that bit of advice, I decided to leave Charmed milk, water, and catfood as I made my way to the bedroom hoping that I wouldn't hear the scream of a furr ball trapped in an electrical storm.

When I woke up the next morning, Charmed was no where to be found. I noticed that her food was gone from the previous night and that her litter box contained fresh cat droppings, so I assumed she was alive. I cleaned the litter box, left fresh food, water, and milk and then proceeded to make my way to the hospital. Again, when I returned home, there was no cat in sight, missing food, fresh droppings. This routine continued on for ten days until I finally cracked.

Keisha, I'm giving this cat back.

Why? (Keisha laughs)

Because, all this cat does is hide from me. I haven't seen her in two weeks. I wanted a companion. Not someone I just feed and clean up after. . . that's what men are for :)

She's a kitten!!! It takes time for them to adapt to people, be patient.

Seriously, this cat has one more week and then that's it. No more Charmed.

As I hung up the phone and fell asleep, I started to wonder, was feline ownership really for me? I mean seriously, an animal that hides and performs the disappearing act as its only trick wasn't what I had in mind. . .

Well another week had passed. The routine of leaving food and cleaning up after "Casper" the ghost of all felines, was becoming a little old. Today, I was especially tired. I plopped down on the couch and tried to make the hospital a distance memory as I attempted to find some trashy TV show to remove my mind from medicine. Usually Maury is good choice. . . as often you'll find that you are NOT the father, but today the usual paternity drama was not holding my attention. Before I knew it, I drifted asleep on the couch. . . . when I woke up, I was shocked to see this tiny figure with yellow/green eyes and a glistening black coat nestled on top of me sleeping peacefully. I could not believe it! Not only was Charmed NOT hiding, she was actually cuddling with ME!

Every since then, I have been the proud owner of a very loyal and loving cat :) First time cat owners. . . don't worry, they will warm up to you and become a treasure more precious than the US Dollar! (But I guess that's not saying much given the current economy. . . but you get my point, our felines are the best!)

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